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I’ve always been a mindful kind of spirit and although my dazzling natural fur looks great on me, what if I could embue its spirit into items other interdimensional beings could appreciate?

Not just another interdimensional outfitter

Passion & Expertise

its takes an eternity to curate a view of reality as I do and sharing that with you is brings the light to the sparkle within my eyes.

100% natural ingredients

All products are cruelity free, no harvesting of weak souls, spirits or energy was allowed in creation of any of these products.

customer satisfaction

Contact us for a remedy spell to ease your worries.

Family Tradition

We stopped counting incarnations and clones ions ago but somewhere along the line we found ourselves online in this virtual Earthly realm kicking it with you.

Creative designs from across time

Ancient Aliens to the Future We

Check out our amazing inventory and see what eras erase todays definitons of you.


“What to wear when you're Everywhere!”


Within bounderies what binds us keeps us apart


Interdimensional Outfitters